Regional Workshops for the Greater New England chapter of NADAA are held three times a year.  Workshops are typically held in October, February, and March.  The locations of these workshops ranges from Springfield, MA, to Rocky Hill, CT.  Workshops are open to students ages 7 & up, and all dance teachers.  You do not have to be a member of NADAA to attend.  Each workshop consists of a stretch class followed by classes in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet, and an additional class in either Hip Hop, Modern, Yoga, African, Musical Theater, Contemporary, ZUMBA, or other style.


A national convention is held during the summer, typically in early July.  It includes 2 days of dance classes and a banquet, followed by 2 days of competition.  This convention and competition is held in the New York/New Jersey Area.  See the National Workshop page for more details.