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Thoughts From Our  NADAA  Greater New England Youth Rep Candidates


Six dedicated dancers from four different member teachers submitted applications to be the GNE Youth  Rep for 2020 and their essays were evaluated by the guest faculty at the March session. While the NADAA Greater New York convention had to be canceled this summer due to COVID-19,  our 2020 winner has been invited to attend in 2021.  NADAA thanks the students and their sponsoring teachers for supporting this endeavor.


“NADAA means more to me than I ever could have imagined.  On top of learning new techniques and skills, getting amazing advice, and gaining new friends, the most important reason why NADAA means the world to me is that it is a safe space; I know that when I come to these conventions it is truly a judgment free zone.  Everybody—from the staff to the students are so nice and welcoming.  I am so glad that in my years of dancing I have found an accepting place like NADAA that I can go to.  NADAA is more to me than a dance convention: it is like a home away from home. It is something that I will truly miss once I graduate and I hope to find my way back to it one way or another. The memories I have made here will always remain in my heart and are something that I am forever grateful for.”

Greater New England Youth Rep 2020   Kaylee: The Dance Factory, Nicole Pajer, Director   


“For me, NADAA is a safe place and an escape from reality. These marvelous conventions give me the opportunity to work with so many distinct choreographers and teachers.  I have watched how the teachers choreograph, and they are all so diverse and unique in their own way.  Likewise, I have been able to connect with the remarkable dancers around me. We create the energy in the room, and every fellow student I have met has been friendly and kind...NADAA has shown me to be inspired by other dancers and learn how they move and dance.”

Runner-up Greater New England Youth Rep 2020  Zoe: Louise Kasak's Dance Academy, Louise Kasak. Director


“To me, NADAA means family, technique, and having fun!  The NADAA family is amazing from the time I get there to the time I leave; I just feel so welcomed...The mission that NADAA stands for is to make sure everyone has a good time and learns more to better their dancing career. I just have a great feeling overall when I am with other students, staff members, teachers, and officers at NADAA.“

Ashley: Grossi Dance and Performing Arts Academy, Linda Regulbuto, Director


“Dance is everything to me. It allows me to spend time with my friends.  It makes me happy many different ways. I get to express myself while dancing and it is great exercise.  Dance conventions allow me to try different kinds of dance and help me to find what I like.  I get to meet new people and learn different techniques.”  Emily: Next Step Dance Studio, Mishel Mitus, Director


“NADAA is a place of joy as well.  Every time I go to a convention all I see are just smiles on people's faces. I see the coming together of complete strangers, I see friends growing closer together through NADAA....NADAA really does mean so much to me and there are not enough words to describe it,”

Keira: Next Step Dance Studio, Mishel Mitus, Director   


“Every year, NADAA is a time for dancers to come together and enjoy themselves through dance.  It doesn't matter if you are experienced or not, you come to NADAA to learn...I think every dancer that attends NADAA can agree on one thing—a NADAA convention is a place full of opportunities to learn how to improve your dancing.” Morgan:  Next Step Dance Studio, Mishel Mitus, Director

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